• We don't just train you to care are but we train and empower you with care.

  • Quality Individual Care Is Expected Here.

    Quality Training and learning materials to prepare and equip you to be an extraordinary caregiver or facility manager.

  • Homey environment

    Part of our training is how to create a welcoming and Homey environment for Facility patients or residents. Compassion and love are the languages they need.

  • Empowered staff

    assist with the basic needs of each of your residents and many medical needs as well. Each of your residents are at different levels of life and need different levels of care.  That’s okay, we will sit down and go over their needs and what is expected from you .

  • Happiness is the best Policy

    Healthy Community

    Create a healthy community for your residents to promote wellness, happy environment and healthy atmosphere.

  • Assisted Living Homes Organization

    Extending community for you and your business. Assisted Living Homes Organization: An established organization with members working together as a team to achieve a common goal of providing a high standard of quality service based on integrity, honest business conduct and committed to the improvement of our facilities, organization and its members and the assisted living community.  

Learn the Core Essentials

Our Passing Rate​

We pride ourselves on being a training school with high pass rates for our caregiver and assisted living manager certification programs in the state of Arizona. 

With a 98% pass rate for Managers and 96% pass rate for Caregivers, we prepare you for success!

Updated 09/06/2023

Assisted Living Training School

Providing Exceptional Trainings for Caregivers and Managers since 2001.





The A.L.T.S Advantage

Simplified Learning to help you shape a better future.

  • campus locations

    Assisted Living Training School has 2 campus locations in Arizona

  • Open Enrollment​

    When you are ready to begin your training, we are ready too. With open enrollment, you choose when to begin.

  • Personalized Training​

    We customize our curriculum to suit your learning style, your schedule, and your needs. If there is anything we can do to make your learning experience better, let us know.

  • Hybrid Learning​

    ALTS utilizes both in-person and online platforms to maximize flexibility and access.

  • NCIA Approved

    Our curriculum is approved by the, NCIA and once successfully passing the State Exam you will be awarded with a state certification.

5 - Easy Certification Steps

Start your journey to success

Step 2

Pay Tuition and
Complete Orientation

Step 3

Begin Your Training

Step 4

Complete Training

Step 5

Take State Exam

The A.L.T.S Mission

An organization dedicated to empower and teach while providing high quality,  responsible professionals. 

Carine J. CNA to Caregiver Bridge

I found the school on google. Not only it was close to my place but it turned out to be the best school ever. Our instructor, Miss Nhor, is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and super encouraging. I will be sending everyone I know to this school. Kim was the first person I spoke to when I walked in the school. He has an absolutely kind soul and the smile was welcoming, I felt home. He made the enrollment process very easy. All staff is awesome, regardless of who you encounter. I strongly recommend this school. THANK YOU!

Susan A. Caregiver

This course was very informative and I have gained so much more knowledge. This institution has been very supportive and I would not hesitate in recommending you to others.

Donnetra S. Manager