Highest Exam Pass Rate in Arizona

We pride ourselves on being a training school with the highest pass rates for our certified caregiver and assisted living manager programs in the state of Arizona. With a 90% pass rate for Caregivers on the first attempt and 94% pass rate for Managers on the first attempt, we prepare you for success!



The ALTS Training Advantage

Assisted Living Training School has provided quality caregiver and manager training since 2005.

Open Enrollment – Orientation and the start of training is conducted online. Step 1: Tuition Payment. Step 2: Create e-learning account. Step 3: Contact ALTS staff. Step 4: Complete Orientation. Step 5: Be enrolled into course.

Personalized Training – We customize our curriculum to suit your learning style, your schedule, and your needs. Our students create their own schedules.

Hybrid Training – Instructor-led lectures, one-on-one tutoring, E-Learning, and hands-on practical skills.

Certification – 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment for orientation or request additional information, please call our office at 480-969-5305 for the Tempe Campus or 623-322-1905 for the West Valley Campus.

Step 2 – Tuition payment and Orientation

Tuition must be paid in full upon enrollment.

Forms of payment accepted:

  • Cash
  • Card – 3% additional transaction fee will be added for all card payments
  • Check
  • Money Order

Orientation can be completed at home. Orientation consists of an orientation video and application form. A US issued photo ID and proof of social security number will need to be provided. 

Step 3 – Enrollment

After completing orientation, you will be enrolled into your training program. 

Step 4 – Complete Certification Training

Students can create their own schedules in accordance to the NCIA approved training requirements:

  • Caregiver students are given a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 2 months to graduate. Total training hours: 62 hours (30 classroom hours at ALTS, 20 homework/distance hours, 12 hands-on training hours at an NCIA approved Assisted Living Facility that is contracted with ALTS).
  • CNA or DCW Caregiver Bridge students are given a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 2 months to graduate. Total training hours: 16 classroom hours at ALTS only. 
  • Manager students are given a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 1 month to graduate. Total training hours: 40 classroom hours at ALTS only. 

Step 5 – State Exam

Once you have completed your training, submitted required documents and met State Exam eligibility requirements, you will be scheduled for the State Exam which is conducted at the ALTS campus. After passing the State Exam, your certificate will be ready for pick up within 5 business days!

What makes us different?

Our students create their own schedules within our hours of operation. Students can come in as little as one time a week to accommodate for their busy schedules, as long as they meet NCIA rules and regulations. We understand that not everyone can be a full-time student, so we want to provide the opportunity to allow anyone to be a student and graduate at their own pace.

We focus on simplified learning that can accommodate all types of learning styles. We offer student advisement, one-on-one tutoring, group review classes, and extra practice exams to well prepare our students. We do our best to ease students who suffer from test anxiety and/or fear of learning in a group setting by creating individualized programs to suit their needs.

Assisted Living Training School promotes a family oriented environment. We want our students to feel welcome and eager to learn.  We pray and cheer for our students to succeed.

" I have been helped by staff since I first called for information. The instructors are very kind and informative. I felt comfortable in every step of the way. The courses are easy but they are informative as well. I was given everything I needed to pass the certification test. My schedule was not a problem for me to complete the program smoothly.

Jordan H.

I rate everything a 10! I love the flexibility and resources that was given to achieve a passing grade.

Michelle W.

I am very satisfied with the training program, information and subject matter. Classes are very helpful for the right ethics. Highly recommended to others. Congratulations and I am proud to be one of your students. Thank you!

Ernesto D.