Frequently asked questions

Is the class online?

The Caregiver Certification class is 50 online hours and 12 hours of hands on training with the instructor.
The CNA/DCW to Caregiver Bridge Certification class is 16 online hours.
The Manager Certification class is 40 online hours.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply choose your campus, choose your course, and pay your tuition. From there you'll receive a welcome email regarding your enrollment. For any assistance please call your campus!

How do I qualify for the state exam?

Completing all course work along with submitting the required documents in your student orientation.

Can I take the state exam at your location?

Yes! State exams are held at the Tempe Campus per state proctor availability. These exams are closed tests, available for ALTS students!

Do you have continuing education (CEUs)?

Yes, we have CEU classes for both Caregivers, Managers, Behavioral, and Enforcement. You can find the topics here: https://online.arizonacaregivertraining.net/course/index.php?categoryid=56





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