Activities for Connection

In times of isolation and seclusion (caused by various factors), individuals may have difficulty satisfying their social needs. A way to meet these needs is to create a sense of belonging and purpose. Here are ideas of activities that can be done, if there is a level of loneliness or discomfort.

Love and belongingness needs are the third level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you have not learned about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it is something worth doing more research on. Love and belongingness fall under psychological needs. With people that we encounter, physiological needs must be met to live a quality life. Whether these individuals are in a care home, staying with a loved one, or living independently.

If someone has an unmet need, there is a likely chance for the individual to become ill (physically, mentally, etc.). This can decrease their quality of life. Here at Assisted Living Training School we aim to teach and meet those needs. That way, individuals can flourish, perform their best, and continue to share their experiences with others. By focusing on this goal, we become intentional with the activities we engage in. 

As humans, we naturally desire connection by sharing our experiences, feelings, and life with a community. When involved in a relationship, friendship, or a community, it creates a sense of belonging and purpose that is craved. Activities that may strengthen connection and engagement may consist of activities that involve our family, friends, and even strangers.
Here are a few activity suggestions we encourage:

Volunteer at a local charity or church

You will be able to help others in your community, and also be able to benefit from volunteering. By getting involved, you are boosting social skills. Volunteering is also a great stress and anxiety reducer. Due to its ability to improve your overall mood, helping others delivers pleasure to us.

Or have volunteers come to socialize with your residents – whether it be a phone call or a visit, making a new friend can increase cognitive functions.

Gather your family and celebrate life

There are a few times in the year where we are able to get the whole family together to celebrate such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. But why limit get-togethers with your family, when we can create a time to celebrate with your loved ones? This allows connection to strengthen and allow for your family members to practice gratitude for their loved ones and life.

Host an event

Help host an event or create an event is another activity that strengthens the connection between you and your community. It will provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment knowing you are doing something to bring people together. This event could be as simple as a picnic at the park with three close friends or an event that can bring awareness to the greater good.

These three suggestions have a few powerful commonalities. It gives us an opportunity to spend intentional time with our loved ones and also an opportunity for us to create new connections and impactful memories.

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