The ONE Thing You Proably Haven’t Tried for Better Sleep

Most people are well aware of the benefits of exercise, nutrition, stress management being important to maintaining our optimal health. But did you know that your mind and body’s need to rest and recuperate at night is equally important? Lets talk about getting better sleep and why it is important to have quality rest!

Experts suggest adults get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night, and this can vary from person to person. The bottom line is that we all need sleep.  About 33% of the United States aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep per night, and approximately one in five adults in the United States experiences occasional sleeplessness or difficulty sleeping.

Many people think that the only consequences of poor sleep is feeling foggy or grouchy the next day. Sleep deprivation has actually been linked to several health risks that can negatively impact the body. 

When we sleep, our brains and bodies go through important processes necessary for growth, memory, and recuperation of bodily systems. Most of the time we view getting more sleep as a luxury, in reality, the quality of our sleep should be as a health necessity—our body need sleep for survival just as much as other needs like, food and water. Just as your mind processes information while you sleep, deep sleep also gives our major body systems time to rest and rejuvenate cells.

As someone who has been in the senior living industry for many years, I see you caregivers! Being a caregiver is hard work, mentally and physically . If you had access to tools available for your own self-care and to provide a better quality of life to come one you care for, essential oils may be the answer that you are looking for. Of course, always consult your doctor to ensure there will be no negative interactions with any medications you may be currently taking.

If you said yes to any of these questions, there is an upcoming opportunity to participating in an essential oil sleep study group. There are additional studies being offered for other health/wellness issues ie. pain, digestive issues, stress/anxiety). If you are interested in participating, register here. Youll be provided with FREE samples to try for 5 days. After the study, you would give your feedback and opinions.

Are you curious or excited to see if aromatherapy with essential oils could help you or someone you care for get better quality rest? Are you skeptical, but open to trying essential oils at no risk?

Jody Zvada, Vim & Vigor Essential Oils

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