Caregivers and the Silver Tsunami

Are you compassionate?

Get paid while taking care of your loved ones. A health care career offers many ways to help.

The senior population is rising. In Assisted Living, we call it a “silver tsunami”. The “Silver Tsunami” is a wave of baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) entering the age of 60 – 80 years old. As Arizona becomes a popular destination among the elderly population, the low cost of living, blue skies year round, and medically trained individuals, allows the Copper State to be a prime place for Assisted Living care.

Because of the desired care, caregivers are needed in many places; hospitals, home health, nursing homes, assisted living centers, group homes, and private homes. The opportunities for Caregivers are abundant in Arizona. They are needed to tend to physical needs, activities of daily living, and to provide comfort and companionship. Overall, caregivers are needed for better quality of life.

Working as a caregiver, you will be able to establish the state of well being in every dimension of a resident’s life. If you are the kind of person who is able to work well with seniors in a team setting with a positive attitude, with compassion and patience and with an understanding of the process of aging, then being a caregiver is the career path for you.

ALTS – Assisted Living Training School for Caregivers and Managers provides simplified learning at affordable fees. ALTS prides itself as one of the highest ranking schools and a top producer of caregivers and managers in the State of Arizona. We offer a high quality education that caters to individual needs. ALTS provides a comfortable and friendly environment  with experienced staff and approachable faculty.

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