A Greater Purpose in a Life-Changing Industry

In this life, we look for meaning and purpose. From our relationships with family and friends to our job, the important question of “why?” hits us and gets us to think of why we are doing things in the first place, what is our purpose?

Throughout this life we seek gratification that to some extent we are making a difference in the world. Finding our place is a constant question of “Is this right?” that comes up very often. It can be difficult to see this sense of fulfillment actually lies within us. By exploring the different possibilities of what can give us this satisfaction, I have found that the relationships and connections with others (and myself) has become the most important practice that we cannot run away from. Think of relationships with one another on a love spectrum… A stranger you drive next to on the freeway may be on the lower end because you do not know the person or have a connection with them, while your significant other or parent maybe on a higher level of love. One constant finding that I noticed is that the way that we love others is the way that we love ourselves. This takes the Golden Rule “Treat others the way you want to be treated” to another level of understanding. I was mindful about my emotions when people that needed me to do something for them, I became frustrated easily. Why am I feeling this way? Am I being selfish? Why am I being selfish? I dug deeper within myself to find that by me expressing that I do not respect others desires, I don’t respect my own wants and needs to put them into action. With self reflection, I was able to practice and work on this and it dramatically changed the way I treated myself then carrying that on towards how I treat others.

This way of thought sparked my curiosity in growth and development of relationships that led me to the care industry. I was not only passionate about the practice of becoming a better person, but I was able make the practice a career. On a day to day basis, I am mindful the way I interact with people because it allows me to be aware of what triggers me. These triggers are little reminders for me to look within myself, find the root of it and better myself. Giving care and love for others is an on-going practice that does not only allow you to love yourself better but love others better. Become that light that sparks a light in others!

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