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Includes 3% Transaction and Convenience Fee

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About Manager Certification Training

For the manager program, the cost of the program is $495.00 + 3% transaction fee = $510 ($125 testing fee and $100 program registration fee included).

The total required training hours is 40 hours. All 40 hours are done online currently during the COVID 19 Pandemic, which includes live lectures and computer based self-study. If you are a full-time student, you can finish the entire program in as little as 2 weeks. If you want to be a part-time student, you are given 1 month maximum to complete the entire program, which means you must show activity at least 1 time a week to avoid suspension.

The prerequisite for the manager’s program is a valid form of ID, a copy of your Social Security card, an Arizona Caregiver Certificate obtained after August 2013 (unless you are licensed in Arizona as an MD, DO, RN, LPN, or Arizona Nursing Care Institution Administrator).

Students create their own schedules within our hours of operation and within the minimum and maximum time of enrollment. We provide lectures and tutoring sessions for caregivers throughout the week. Please see your E-Learning calendar for scheduled lecture dates and times. The calendar is subject to change. If you are unable to attend a scheduled lecture, you may schedule a one-on-one tutoring session with your instructor.

The Friday before the state exams are mandatory review days to better prepare you for the State Exam. All other days are left for students to work on their assignments on our computers and to take many practice exams in preparation for their state exam.

Topics you will learn:

  • Home Care System
  • Resident Service Management
  • Personnel
  • Fundamentals of Medication & Common Diseases
  • Facility Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Physical Environment Management

Manager Course Structure

  • Admissions: Create a profile here and pay tuition by calling our school or online.
  • Step One: Orientation into your selected program.
  • Step Two: Study and complete the manager curriculum.
  • Step Three: Fill and submit a checklist to ensure all lectures listed are attended.
  • Step Four: Fill out a student survey about your thoughts on the program along with taking practice exams before you are scheduled to take the state exam.
  • Step Five: Take the state exam and pass!

Manager Qualifications for Licensing

To become a licensed manager, you must have the following submitted to the NCIA Board:

  • Fill out the manager’s license application form.
  • A valid Arizona caregiver certificate (August 2013 to present). Arizona Nursing Care Institution Administrators, RNs, DOs, MDs, and LPNs are exempt.
  • A manager certification obtained within one (1) year of applying for manager licensing.
  • 2080 hours of paid experience in the healthcare industry.


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