Terms Of Service

Cancellation Prior to the Start of Class: An applicant requesting cancellation prior to starting class, with written notice, shall be refunded the money paid minus the $100.00 registration fee. If the applicant does not provide a notice, there will be NO REFUND. No later than 3 days of receiving the notice of cancellation, the school shall provide the partial refund.

Cancellation After the Start of Class: An applicant will no longer be entitled to a full or partial refund once they start class. All money paid will be forfeited. Caregiver students have a 2-month maximum enrollment time to finish the program.

Cancellation After the Start of Class for Non-Sponsored Students: Once the student starts their program, there will be no refund. The student will then be responsible for the full amount of the training program, if there was a prior agreement upon enrollment that the student will be funding their own training program in full.

Cancellation with Contracted (Sponsoring) Facilities: Cancellation Prior to the Start of Class policy and the Cancellation After the Start of Class policy still applies. Once the applicant starts class and they are not considered fit according to the funding employer and/or the student refuses to continue on with the program, the funding employer will receive no refund. It is the responsibility of sponsoring facility to pay the total balance due of the student’s training program. ALTS will not be involved with any disputes between the sponsoring facility and the student in regards to reimbursement of payment for any enrollment cancellation, State Exam retest fees, extension fees, termination of employment, and/or a break in contract between the sponsoring facility and the student. ALTS will only communicate with the sponsoring facility for payment. ALTS will not enroll a student without payment in full.

Refund After the Commencement of the Program:

Withdrawal from program and withdrawal date:

  1. After signing the enrollment agreement, and after starting the program, there will be no refundof all monies paid.
  2. A student choosing to withdraw from the school after the commencement of the program is to provide written notice to the Director of the school.  The notice is to indicate the expected last date of attendance and be signed and dated by the student.
  3. For a student who is on authorized Leave of Absence (LOA): if the student does not return back from the scheduled LOA return date or failed to notify the institution, the student will be withdrawn with no refundof all monies paid.
  4. A student will be determined to be withdrawn, with no refundof all monies paid, from the institution if the student has not contacted an ALTS staff member or submitted their work and documents for 7 consecutive class days.

Tuition refunds are determined as follows:

REMEMBER: Before the beginning of class, the student is entitled to money paid minus the $100 registration fee. Letter of request must be submitted before school starts. Any withdraw from the program after the start of class will result in no refund of all money paid.
If a student requires a third attempt on the State Exam there will be a $125 tutoring charge in addition to the re-test fee.

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