Food Handler Training for Certified Arizona Caregivers

Meal preparation is one the duties of caregivers providing assistance to the elderly. It’s important for caregivers to have the knowledge required to prepare safe, healthy food for the people in their care. Food handler training covers topics such as:

• Understanding how food can make people sick after being contaminated by physical, chemical, or biological hazards.
• Understand that the behavior of caregivers directly affects the safety of food.
• Learn how to prevent contamination of food and food contact surfaces.
• Learn to use appropriate barriers to prevent bare hand contact with food.
• Understand which symptoms require caregivers to stay home from work or reporting an illness or symptom to the manager.
• Learn the appropriate time and temperature requirements for keeping food safe during specific stages of food preparation.
• Understand how to keep the workplace and equipment clean.

The Arizona NCIA board requires that Assisted Living Training Centers verify completion of food handler training before allowing students to test for caregiver certification and being granted an Arizona Caregiver certificate.

You can choose any food handler training provider that meets the training criteria for the state of Arizona. If you have previously completed the training for another job and have a valid food handler card or certificate, you can use it to fulfill this training requirement.

Food handler training can be completed online. The course is about 1 ½ hours long depending on the student.

Assisted Living Training School recommends US Food Handler for your training. The program is 100% online and the cost is $12.95. This training cost is not included in your tuition fee.

If you have any questions about food handler training for caregiver, contact us.

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