The “Light” Housekeeping Aspect of Caregiving

Caregiving is a universal position and occupation. The term means to assist those in need of daily care. For instance, duties of a caregiver includes: transferring, managing medications, meal preparation, bathing, and assistance with other daily activities; housekeeping is vital to maintaining your own and other people’s health.

Good housekeeping can protect a caregiver and their resident from infections and potential harm.

As an example, cleaning the floor for a dementia resident can reduce their risk of falling and injuring themselves. Another example can be neatly making a residents bed can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. By following good housekeeping, it is beneficial for both you and the resident. While “light” housekeeping is a responsibility, caregivers are not considered cleaning maids. Cleaning maids’ main focus are cleaning projects while a caregivers’ main focus is the resident.

Light Housekeeping duties caregivers are expected to do include

  • Laundry
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Living room tidying
  • Bed-making

Housekeeping duties caregivers are not expected to do include:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Window washing
  • Outdoor maintenance
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